Blog_Rebranding DC_25Nov2014

Hi Everyone.

A few weeks back I shared an opportunity to attend a free webinar about Digital Citizenship.

Well, if you missed it you can still view the event.   The folks at have recorded the event and have graciously shared it for free!.

Here is the link to view anytime you like….Rebranding Digital Citizenship Webinar (recorded version).

I attended the live webinar on November 21st.  Actually I should use the proper term because I was not ‘live’ at the presentation (which was in Florida).  I participated in the event synchronously, while I was visiting schools in Sept Iles at the time.  ‘Synchronously’ simply means that I participated in the webinar in ‘real-time’.

Let me share some advantages of attending the webinar ‘synchronously’.

  1. Shy people welcome!:  Since hundreds of participants participated in this learning opportunity, only the presenter was visible on screen (The same was true for audio).  So, my participation was very passive.  This means that I was consuming the content being presented with no obligation of eye-contact or proper posture.  In fact, I was walking around for most of the presentation and eating snacks because it took place during supper-time.
  2. Chat with others during the presentation!:  Throughout the presentation, I was able to chat from my computer with other participants. Participants were asking and answering questions and it was awesome to interact with colleagues who shared a common interest in Digital Citizenship.  There were teachers from as far away as Australia and Mexico! (I bet the Aussies are telling their peeps that there were teachers from as far away as Gaspe!  It’s all relative).
  3. Share Resources and Links = More Learning:   Participants were able to share links to resources about Digital Citizenship.  (Blogs, Youtube videos, class web pages, Twitter hashtags, etc).  Participants also used this chat forum to answer each other’s questions about certain Digital Citizenship concepts.
  4. Personal Learning Network:  The greatest thing about the synchronous event is that participants were able expand their Personal Learning Network. We found new colleagues who share our goals in education.

Now let’s consider the ‘asynchronous‘ version of that same webinar.  This would be the recorded version of the presentation.  There are advantages to this also.

  1. Time:  Obviously the best advantage is that you get to view the presentation when ever you choose.  This takes away all time restrictions (other than…when do I ever have time to view this).
  2. Pacing:  Another perk is that you can stop and start the presentation as interruptions occur.  It enables you to digest the content at your own pace.  This is huge in those Khan Academy videos you have been hearing about.
  3. Review:  I use the asynchronous model to review a presentation.  Yes, I participated synchronously but I like to go back to revisit details that I have forgotten from the presentation.

Here again is the link to the Rebranding Digital Citizenship Webinar.

I encourage you to view the webinar when time permits.  I also challenge you to be mindful of the advantages listed above.  Please share any advantages or disadvantages you discover from your experience.  Happy learning :).