Chronos, Timelining Games for Elementary History 

Recently released by consultant Daniel Deschenes of the Commission scolaire des Découvreurs, the Chronos games asks students to timeline key events in the Elementary program.  Daniel’s original package includes a presentation, a workshop with instructions, and playing cards presented as printable PDFs (matrices) you can print then laminate. 
(Pour télécharger le jeu original, visitez le CS des Découvreurs ici).

NEW:  An English, adapted and expanded version:
Sample of an order 5-card timeline
“Work  (and play!) with chronology in the social sciences.   Chronos, is a board game inspired by Timeline,  that features the 35+ events from the primary history program. Chronos stimulates motivation in your students and promotes collaborative work. Throughout the game, students must build timelines in a competitive context. At the same time, they have to validate hypotheses in order to situate the events in relation to each other. Variations of the game are also proposed.  The target audience for the game is the 3rd cycle of primary school.”

Using live Google Drawings, the expanded English version now includes the card’s front, the standard dated back, and a new extra information back, which could allow for more complex games and Intellectual Operations to be evaluated.  To prepare for alternate uses, the new “second back” has space for a summary text, along with QR codes that link to the expanded original text sources (often a Societies and Territories page), and eventually all the cards will also have a  QR code leading to videos, 3D or 360-degree virtual reality tours,  mapping locations, etc!


The Chronos English GHCE Edition contains:

— A Google Slides presentation of the cards,  available to teachers here 
— Instructions for various games available in the translated workshop document here.  
— High-quality printable versions of the available cards! 
For now, to print the cards, visit this (long and heavy-on-bandwidth) page here.  
Note:  The page will display all available cards (35+), so wait for them to load then follow the printing instructions.

Note also, that our actual Google drawings working folder is available here, if ever you want to try copying one and making your own!  (Please consider using Societies and Territories materials, and share back any new card creations and ideas for games to  so we can get them published here too!  And yes, of course, creating cards and games could be an activity for students too!)