Game setup

Teams amass points by identifying the societies portrayed on the fronts of playing cards, by classifying them according to the aspects, and by connecting the information to various big ideas and concepts. This card game strategy could be used to review and remind students of the facts related to Inca, Iroquoian and Algonquian societies. It assumes previous knowledge of each.

Game setup and Instructions:   A working draft of the game instructions is now available here.

Google Drawings of all Society Cards are available here 

PDFs for printing the cards are inside that same folder here   [older, see notes]

We are switching over to using live pages for printing out the different collections, rather than above PDFs which are already out of date.  Algonquians 1500 print page is finished.   Inca circa 1500 – Cards printing page is also finished. Iroquoian circa 1500 – Cards printing page and others to follow.

As of June 1st cards for Inca,  Iroquoian and Algonquian societies are complete for “circa 1500”.  We are hoping to produce more for 1745 which could also be used in this Connect Facts strategy, or possibly for other game ideas too!