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However, most LES’s and teacher tools are now being moved here to the S & T site.  

Cycle 2 Societies & Territories Toolkit  &  Student Field Journals!
Teacher guides, student field journals, process planners, evaluation tools,  and resource collections.  Go to page

SMARTBOARD Notebook files and Teacher guides

SMARTBoard tools for the Iroquois – Cycle 2 (Gr. 3)
SMARTBoard tools Cycle 2 (Gr. 4) First European Settlers: New France
SMARTBoard tools Cycle 3 (Gr5)Times of Change series
c-makingofacountry b-changesdailylife_1 a-rivalriessuperpowers

Cartograf Scenarios
Mapping scenarios for the elementary sector. Examples of how the materials on this site could be used.   Go to page

Iroquois Beadwork – Cultural Portraits of the Past and Present
These learning activities and units, as well as the introduction to this section, are now available as a single PDF.  Download
Also note, the new location on the S and T site for the Iroquois Beadwork Kids’ Zone !

RECITUS LES:   Welcome to my seigneury 
This LES is also now on the site at les-by-recitus-welcome-to-my-seigneury/

Seasons of New France  A useful offsite resource package with sections like

  • Appropriation of the Territory
  • Daily Acts
  • The Rhythm of Life
  • Transmission of Knowledge

 Note, the tablet version is here

RECITUS LES and Student site:  Once upon a time in the 1820s
The Teacher’s guide, Extras, the STUDENT NOTEBOOK and Student Site pages are now available here on the Societies and Territories site.  Go to page

The Loyalists   (A project with resources that could also apply to Cycle 2) 
The original LES site pages, stories, and materials are now all available in one PDF file!!! 
The Loyalists texts from the Kid’s Zone are also available in the 1820 section of the site. Go to page.

PDIG’s –  WQSB  LES #3: 
How did society in New France change from 1645 to 1745?
by Renée Halmos, Wendy Hamilton and Kim Van Lier
Teacher’s Guide
Student Process-folio
Life in New France Webquest
ETSB project.  Link broken.  Working on it!  

The Seigneuries.  The students will gain an understanding of Inca society and territory and will be able to compare this to what they have learned about Iroquois society.  

Who Were the Incas? The students will gain an understanding of how a society initially functions and gradually becomes more and more sophisticated by tracing the development of the seigniorial system in New France.

Changes in Society.  The students will gain an understanding of the societal and territorial changes involved in the establishment and conquest of New France.


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