Is it even possible?   Today’s ride and weather was even better than yesterday’s!  However, we did confront a headwind for most of the day.


We set out from Cime Aventures and made our way to Gascon, with a little detour to see McInnis’ Cove.  


We stopped in at New Carlisle High School for a warm reception from Principal Dave Douesnard and staff.  They welcomed us with some sandwiches and veggie platters, along with water refills.  THe next stop was ESSB Board Office for another warm welcome and cheering supporters waiting for us on the front lawn.  Lots of smiling faces and best wishes before hitting the road for Shigawake.


Our ESSB riders made a quick pit stop at Shigawake Port Daniel School.  Thank you to Principal Lori-Ann Hayes and Sadie Gallibois for cooling us off with some freezies to counter the scorching heat of the 132.


From here, we made our way to McInnis Cove for a dip in some freezing water.  Evergreen Teacher Zak Likely led the charge into the fridgid water.  This reassured a dozen of our 17 riders to follow suit.  Just before leaving the Cove, we were greeted by 2 beautiful horses (Funky and Janice).  Photos are available on Twitter.


Stats for today:

75km on the road

3 hrs 43 mins in the saddle

Total meters climbed 538 (almost all of which occured in the final 20 Kms of the day).

Max elevation was 100 meters

Average speed of 20km/hr

Max speed of 65.5Km


We’re tired and sore, but we are not done!  Our ESSB peers circled the world in recent months and met their challenge.  We will persevere, and reach our goal because…Fit and Grit don’t quit!


See you tomorrow 🙂